Cover Letter and Resume for Accounting Job

By | May 11, 2011

This post will provide you with a free sample cover letter along with a resume for an accountant. While writing a cover letter for accounting position, take assistance from the following winning job application.

Cover Letter for Accounting Job

Ana Doe
111 Example Street
[City] [State / Province] [Zip]
[Mobile #]
[Email Address]

May 11, 2011

Mr. John Smith
Branch Manager
ANZ Bank
511 Sample Street


Re: Accounting Position in ANZ Bank

Dear Mr. Smith

I would like you to think about me for the position of accountant with the top tier merchant bank as advertised on the on May 01, 2011. Along with completion of my Commerce degree with an accounting major in 2009, my eagerness for prospect of using this acquaintance, and my natural enthusiasm for financial markets, I want to turn into a motivated member of your accounts team.

For the previous one year, I have been working in the settlement department XYZ bank. In this role I have had to resolve and poise the day’s trading accounts over a range of financial instruments, counting government bonds and share market trades. All ledgers have to be balanced by the ending of the each day, which requires notice to detail in the pressure of tense deadlines. I work unsupervised but inside a team environment.

Working under pressure with a provoked team inside the financial markets is very pleasing. The financial markets have concerned me since I primary played the School StockMarket Game in Year 10, a contest in which my team finished in the NSW top twenty.

Above and beyond my accounting major, my commerce degree incorporated quite a few subjects connected to the financial markets counting: pricing financial products, business governance and financial accounting systems.

With my victorious work experience and educational qualification, I trust I will be a precious adding to your company. I enclose my resume for your scrutiny and expect that if you have any questions that need clarification you will not be uncertain to contact me at (609) 999-9999 or [Email Address Here].

I would like to meet with you in person to talk about my application further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ana Doe



Resume for Accounting Job

Ana Doe
111 Example Street
[City] [State / Province] [Zip]
[Mobile #], [Email Address]

Objective: To relate my extensive accounting experience to a role in project accounting, and additional expand my skills crosswise different accounting areas to maximize my proficiency, competence in the position and to maximize the revenue of the company.

Work Experience
Jan 09 – Present
Graduate Accountant
XYZ Bank, Calgary, Alberta CA
• Accomplish accounting functions for confidential transactions involving stock shares and government bond trading
• Finalize the day’s equilibrium, and arrange and print management reports
• Investigate and settle discrepancies when they take place

Nov 07 – Jan 09
Customer Service Officer
Star Insurance Ltd, Edmonton AB
• Provided information on a variety of indemnity products to customers
• Made summarize call to assist with any further queries and generate sales
• Maintained point sheets
• Analyzed and recorded information from customer satisfaction questionnaires

Dec 06 – Nov 07
Summer Accounts Clerk
Second Tier Firm, Edmonton AB
• Participated in internship activities
• Developed client liaison skills

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major)
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Higher School Certificate

References Available on Request