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Sample Resume Objectives for OJT

Following are some resume objectives for different OJT positions 1. Hardworking, displaced and skilled graduate looking for employment in any field where I may make use of my languishing skills in production and management with a sincere and devoted effort to support the company in meeting and exceeding their production goals. 2. To grab on-the-job-training… Read More »

Cleaner Job Objectives for Resume

Following are some objectives for a cleaner resume. These objectives might also be used for the following job titles of cleaner 1. Cleaning Man/Woman 2. Domestic Maid – Cleaning Services 3. Charworker 4. Chambermaid 5. Cleaner, Lodge 6. Housemaid – Cleaning Services 7. Sweeper 8. Housekeeping Attendant 9. Tourist Camp Cleaner 10. Wall Washer 11.… Read More »

Sample Resumes For On-Campus Student Job

While writing Resumes For On-Campus Student job, the following format is suggested. Before you start writing your resume for on campus student employment, remember the following things: • In the Objective section of your resume, note if you have received work-study permit as part of your financial aid package; if not, state “Not entitled for… Read More »