Canadian Resume for Waiter / Waitress

By | April 10, 2011

Following is a sample Canadian waiter resume of Mr. John Doe applying for a particular post of Waiter in ABC Restaurant. Listed below Canadian Resume for Waiter can give you the appropriate idea that you require for writing a waiter resume.

This resume features what are the requisite skills, training and abilities when a person is applying for the position of Waiter. It is also essential to include applicant’s work experience as a waiter.

Overview of Waiter / Waitress Position:

Waiter or Waitress takes patrons’ orders for food and beverage and dish up orders to patrons. They are working in taverns, private clubs, restaurants, hotels, bars, banquet halls and comparable establishments.

Following are some alternate job titles of Waiter / Waitress:
1. Banquet Waiter/Waitress
2. Chief Wine Steward
3. Club Car Attendant
4. Cocktail Waiter/Waitress
5. Banquet Captain
6. Dining Room Steward
7. Food And Beverage Server
8. Camp Waiter/Waitress
9. Assistant Waiter/Waitress – Food And Beverage Services
10. Caterer Waiter/Waitress
11. Banquet Headwaiter/Headwaitress
12. Captain Waiter/Waitress
13. Commissary Waiter/Waitress
14. Steward – Food And Beverage Services
15. Waiter/Waitress
16. Banquet Server
17. Waiter/Waitress – Drive-In Restaurant
18. Captain Waiter/Waitress – Food And Beverage Services
19. Captain Waiter/Waitress – Formal Service
20. Formal Service Waiter/Waitress
21. Headwaiter/Headwaitress – Food And Beverage Services
22. Hotel Waiter/Waitress – Formal Service
23. Lounge Waiter/Waitress
24. Bar Service Waiter/Waitress
25. Restaurant Waiter/Waitress – Formal Service
26. Room Service Waiter/Waitress
27. Server – Food And Beverage Services
28. Beer Server
29. Dining Car Waiter/Waitress
30. Dining Room Captain
31. Buffet Waiter/Waitress
32. Waiter/Waitress – Food And Beverage Services
33. Wine Server
34. Sommelier
35. Wine Steward
36. Wine Waiter/Waitress
37. Dining Car Steward
38. Mess Waiter/Waitress

Canadian Resume for Waiter

John Doe
33 Example Street, Toronto ON W9P 3C3
(609) 333-3333, [Email Address Here]


Very well-organized, reliable and hard-working waiter with well-built interpersonal, communication and training skills attained through seven years of outstanding and dedicated service for full of activity establishments inside the hotels and catering sectors.

• Well-built management, preparation and motivational skills
• Wide experience and expertise in hotel and catering management
• Admirable skills of teambuilding
• Strong directorial skills
• Strong attention to detail
• Outstanding interpersonal, spoken and written communication skills
• Natural aptitude to work on own plan or as part of team

Waiter | 2003 – Present
ABC Restaurant, Toronto ON
•Serve food and beverages
•Suggest wines that balance patrons’ meals
•Arrange and serve specialty foods at patrons’ tables
•Present bill to patrons and acknowledge payment
•Order and uphold record of wines and wine glassware
• Assign with giving dining service during afternoon tea for 70-covers
• Built sturdy relationships with the customers, staff members, visitors and team organizers
• Exceptional client understanding and commended for developing hotel ambience
• Productively handled, monitored and controlled entire food and beverage operations

High School Diploma