Hotel Management Resume Templates

By | April 10, 2011

Following are some generic Hotel Management Resume Templates. You can choose the best template as per your requirements.

Hotel Managers – An Overview:
Hotel Managers arrange, systematize, direct, control and assess the operations of a Hotel, Restaurant or a department within such an establishment. They are in employment by hotels, motels, resorts, student residences and other lodging establishments, or they might be self-employed.

Example Titles of Hotel Managers:
Following Are Some Example Titles Of Hotel Managers
1. Hotel Manager
2. Motel Manager
3. Resort Manager
4. Recreational Campground Manager
5. Reservations Manager
6. Resort Campground Manager
7. Hotel Operator
8. Bed And Breakfast Manager
9. Hunting And Fishing Lodge Manager
10. Canoe Camp Operator
11. Hunting Camp Operator
12. Inn Manager
13. Campground Manager
14. Front Office Manager, Hotel
15. Guest Services Manager
16. Front Desk Manager – Accommodation Services
17. Front Desk Manager, Hotel
18. Hostel Manager
19. Guest-House Operator
20. Campground Operator
21. Country Inn Operator
22. Accommodation Services Manager
23. Bed And Breakfast Operator
24. Boarding House Keeper
25. Boarding House Manager
26. Camp Manager
27. Director, Hotel
28. Accommodations Manager
29. Assistant Manager, Hotel
30. Fishing Camp Operator
31. Front Desk Hotel Manager
32. Ski Resort Manager
33. Student Residence Manager
34. Tourist Home Operator
35. Hotel Assistant Manager
36. Rooms Manager – Accommodation Services
37. Seasonal Resort Manager
38. Youth Hostel Manager
39. Hotel Director
40. Hotel Front Desk Manager
41. Hotel Front Office Manager
42. Inn Operator
43. Innkeeper
44. Manager, Student Residence
45. Manager, University Residence
46. Lodging House Manager
47. Manager, Campground
48. University Residence Manager
49. Rooming House Keeper
50. Rooms Division Director

Main Duties of Hotel Managers:
Hotel managers perform some or all of the following duties:
•Talk with clients for the use of amenities for conventions, banquets, receptions and other functions
•employ and oversee staff, supervise training and set work schedules
•take part in the growth of pricing and promotional strategies
•confer with suppliers for the condition of materials and supplies
•resolve patron complaints.
•develop, apply and assess policies and procedures for the process of the department or establishment
•arrange budgets and check revenues and expenses

Hotel Management Resume Templates


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