Best Resume Template for Registered Nurse

By | April 15, 2011

Following is the best resume template of registered nurse. While writing the resume for the position of registered nurse considering the special skills and know-how that are necessary to be winning in the field of Nursing, it is very important that your nursing resume reflects the deepness of your acquaintance and experience.

As a specialized registered nurse, it is of the essence that you give a resume that evidently defines the type of personality you have, and details your ability and experience.

At the same time as your work experience section will explain the height of information and skill you have, it is required that you make an idea of your traits and your ability to understand with patients, families and colleagues.

Core Competencies for registered nurse resume:
Have a glimpse on these examples while writing your core competencies
1. Remain peaceful and proficient through times of serious need.
2. Willingly develop relationship with patients, employees and physicians.
3. Proven record of dependability and responsibility.

Qualifications Summary
Present your worth proposition in your nursing resume – a description statement of the main reason why you ought to be called for an interview.
• Committed and Skilled Registered Nurse with ten years of track record providing quality, patient-centered care at residence, hospice, nursing home, and private office settings.
• Firmly credentialed and diversely knowledgeable – complete background in pediatric, oncology, lasting care and ICU/ER nursing.

• Describe your job duties in addition to accomplishments, showing how you went further than your responsibilities to assist patients or department.
• Point out how you improved workflow, better patient satisfaction, saved money or time, generated returns, managed record levels, trained employees and built optimistic relationships.


Refer the following resume template while writing resume for RN position

Best Resume Template for Registered Nurse

Best Resume Template for Registered Nurse