Canadian Nurse Cover Letter Sample

By | April 17, 2011

Nursing jobs are obtainable in various settings in Canada. Nurses in Canada are in employment by Nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, schools and other healthcare settings. Similarly, there are lots of levels of nursing education and certifications in Canada.

Remember that your nursing resume contains information regarding your experience, education and job tenures, but a cover letter can make the distinction to read your resume or not. Write your nursing cover letter for a Canadian employer to identify how you can put your skills to work for their facility.

Take in information in a nursing cover letter that evidently defines your stage of nursing certification and education. Just affirm that you are a Registered Nurse is not enough to meet the criteria for competitive nursing positions.

Bring to the employer’s attention any precise detail that might be relevant to consideration as a candidate. For example, if the nursing job is for a nurse anesthesiologist, and you qualify, you need to categorize yourself as a CRNA when you write your cover letter.

Make your area of interest clear in a nurse cover letter if you are a graduating nurse. Make out areas where you do extremely well, or were mainly interested in hunting a career. Be familiar with your need for further mentoring, at the same time as not moving back your skill to learn speedily.

Write a cover letter with 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph of nursing cover letter is supposed to identify yourself and confine the attention of the hiring manager by showing your interest in the position. The second paragraph usually explains how you can utilize your abilities and experience to assist their healthcare team. In the 3rd paragraph, conclude by asking for an interview.

The following Sample will assist you while writing Nursing Cover Letter for a Canadian employer


222 Example Street,
Vaughan, ON E9A Z6

April 17, 2011

Ms. Sara David,
Hospital Administrator
St Louis Hospital
333 Sample Ave
Windsor, ON

Re: Nurse Position, Job ref # 3222

Dear Ms. David:

It is with great keenness that I present my resume to you for a position as a Registered Nurse in St Louis Hospital. Along with a BS degree and six months of experience in nursing, I am confident in my capability to become a central member of St Louis Hospital.

During my education and extensive experience, I have gained skills in observe, assessing, and recording symptoms, reactions, and improvement in patients’ condition; assisting physicians for the duration of surgeries, treatments, and examinations; manage medications and help in rehabilitation. I can also build up and administer nursing care plans, teach patients and their families in appropriate care, and help individuals and groups take steps to perk up or keep their health. My enclosed resume gives the details of my specific skills and responsibilities appropriate to your requirements.

As a result oriented and passionate nurse, I welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my extensive experience, education and skill set would be of benefit to your hospital. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Anna Smith

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