Recommendation Letter for Nursing Assistant

By | April 12, 2011

Following is a sample Recommendation Letter for Nursing Assistant. You are free to modify this recommendation letter as per your requirements.


April 12, 2011


I am writing this recommendation letter for Ms. Sara Jones who is submitting her application for the position of Certified Nursing Assistant at ABC Hospital. I have known Sara for several years in my capacity as a Registered Nurse of St. Louis Hospital. Sara has worked St. Louis Hospital as a certified nursing assistant from May 2008 to January 2011.

Sara has numerous strengths to offer St. Louis Hospital. She is expert in her tasks; responsible, disciplined, devoted, and sympathetic. While working at St. Louis Hospital Sara distinguished herself as an outstanding employee. She constantly provided safe and kindhearted care to our residents and their families. She was always eager to go a step further than expectations and accordingly made lots of great relations with our residents and their families. Sara always maintained a skilled relationship with staff. In addition, she had excellent attendance.

She is very skilled in all nursing areas particularly
•Acting upon nursing interventions such as taking essential signs, applying aseptic techniques including germ-free dressing, ensuring disease control, monitoring dietary intake and conducting sampling collection
•Giving nursing services, inside definite scope of practice, to patients derived from patient assessment and care planning measures
•Endowing with pre-operative and post-operative private and comfort care

I would highly recommend Ms. Sara Jones for a position as a Certified Nursing Assistant. If her past performance is any indication of how she will achieve as a nurse I believe Sara will be a positive addition to your Hospital.

We wish her best of luck in her future endeavors. In case of any query please contact the undersigned.


Ana Johnson
Registered Nurse
St. Louis Hospital
(666) 999-7777
[Email Address Here]


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