Student Nurse Cover Letter Examples (New Grad)

By | April 17, 2011

Consider the following Student Nurse Cover Letter example while applying for a nursing job during study


February 15, 2010

Ms. Claire Smith
Nurse Recruiter, Human Resources Division
Canadian National Hospital
111 Example Street
London, ON


Dear Ms. Smith:

I am writing to state my interest in the New Grad RN program at Canadian National Hospital which was advertised on your website on April 01, 2011. I will be graduating from York University in May 2011 with my BS in Nursing and I strongly believe my learning background and previous work experiences will add considerably to your health care system.

In the course of my education at York University, I have attained skills in patient evaluation and gained a firm foundation in providing holistic care that focuses on all facets of a person’s wellbeing: emotional, physical, divine, and psychosocial. In addition, my previous knowledge as a student nurse intern has given me the self-assurance I require to care for patients and the aptitude to work together with other healthcare professionals. I am zealous about nursing and I understand that serious patient care requires a rock-hard foundation in nursing skills and methods, prioritization of concern, and communication skills. These skills, coupled with my sympathy, staying power, and patient support, are what I offer as a new graduate RN.

Besides, my experience as a medical support associate on a medical surgical floor at Toronto Hospital has taught me how to arrange and systematize care, work with natives from varied backgrounds, and turn out to be more recognizable with the role of the pediatric nurse. It also means lots to me that your hospital has been chosen as an excellent Hospital in the nation. This speaks volumes regarding the excellence of nursing care that you offer. I would be privileged and eager to be a part of your team and add my skills to your hospital staff and patients. My enclosed résumé will give you with additional information regarding my associated work experiences.

My application can only tell you regarding my inspiration and qualifications for a position as a new graduate RN. I would welcome the chance to further talk about my background, vision for nursing, and curiosity in this position with you. I can be reached at (999) 666-9999 or [Email Address]. Thank you for your consideration in this exciting opportunity.


Ana Johnson

Enclosure Resume


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