Example Cover Letter Respite Worker

By | April 18, 2011

This post will give you an example of cover letter of a respite worker. This sample will also useful for the following parallel positions

1. Home Support Worker
2. Personal Care Attendant – Home Care
3. Housekeeper
4. Personal Aide
5. Respite Worker – Home Support
6. Visiting Homemaker
7. Companion
8. Foster Parent

Example Cover Letter of Respite Worker

Your Address:
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Contact Person’s Address:
Mr./Ms. _____________
ABC Personal Aide Services
Street Address
City, State and Zip Code


Dear Mr. / Ms. (Last Name):

I am pleased to apply for the position of Respite Worker in ABC Personal Aide Services in response to your recent advertisement on usacanadajob.com. In conjunction with my post graduate diploma in home care and two years’ of experience as a personal aide, I am confident in my capability to become a central member of ABC Personal Aide Services.

During my two years tenure as a personal aide, I have gained experience in providing in-home habilitation services for developmentally disabled adults and children. The Habilitation services provided by me include but are not limited to services for example: toileting, and toilet training, feeding, meal groundwork, free time activities, bathing and dressing. I also have expertise in maintaining record of hours, medicine charts, and every day logs for every respite care session; carrying out and monitor all actions, programs and procedures essential to care for a medically concerned child as instructed and taught by parents. My enclosed resume shows the details regarding my work experience which is relevant to your requirements.

As a fresh and passionate candidate, I welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my education, experience and skills would be beneficial for ABC Personal Aide Services. I can be reached at (609) 999-3333 or [Email Address] with the purpose of planning a meeting time that will best match your timetable. Moreover, I will contact you by phone next week for follow-up. Thank you for your time and consideration.



[Typed Name]

1. Resume
2. Recommendation Letter