Psychology Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample

By | April 21, 2011

Use this sample Psychology Research Assistant Cover Letter while applying for Research Assistant job

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For a lot of years now I have tag along your research. I read with great concentration your latest papers on child abuse including; the role of the health expert in identifying child abuse and A longitudinal psychoanalysis of psychiatric morbidity in bodily mistreated children. I would immeasurably like to work as your Psychology Research Assistant / clinical research associate, and consider my academic and statistically oriented preparation, my multi-ethnic research knowledge in schizophrenia, social psychology, and cognition, and my experience in clinical populations make me competent for such a position.

As an undergraduate at McMaster University, I sought after quite a few experiences to relate my theoretical knowledge about methodology and statistics to realistic research settings. I serve as a research assistant on a study of skill gaining under the direction of Mr. Sara Chris, Ph.D. My tasks included conducting analyses and writing computer programs to exchange raw data into an analyzable form, in addition to creating tables and figures to deliver the results of these findings in a complete format. During my higher year, I designed and executed a senior honor’s thesis in the area of emotional appearance, acquiring extra experience in data management, and statistical psychoanalysis and interpretation. I presented the conclusion from this research at the University Honors Symposium April, 2010. Additionally, my thesis advisor, Ana Marshal, Ph.D. and I are presently completing a document describing our results to present for publication. From beginning to end these experiences, I developed an understanding of the practical compromises intrinsic in conducting research, and a sense of satisfaction in following a plan from its genesis to its completion.

My wellbeing in the clinical arena gave me confidence to seek out experience interacting with patient populations. Therefore, I play a part in two internships at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. I volunteered on a juvenile inpatient unit and interacted with desperate adolescents from a diverse range of backgrounds, including a lot of who were ill-treated as children.

I have enclosed my Resume and I will be calling your office in a few days in the hopes of scheduling an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration. If I can present any further information, please do not be uncertain to contact me (999) 999-9999 or [Your Email Here] .



Mary Johnson