Nurse Recommendation Letter

By | April 16, 2011

While writing a recommendation letter for nurse position, include all the positive traits and skills in a manner that the recommendation letter keeps concise. Take the example of the following recommendation for nurse in order to make your own.

Nurse Recommendation Letter

April 16, 2011


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Ms. Anna Johnson for staff nurse position in the nursing department of ABC Hospital. I am the Registered Nurse with Edmonton Diagnostics, a nursing home in Edmonton, Alberta.

Ms. Anna Johnson has been working with my nursing home for more than three years. During her tenure I have been vastly fascinated with her talent in dealing with patients. She has the necessary qualification and information that is predictable of every nurse.

She is clever, tolerant, good listener, has a pleasant personality and principally is a person of honesty. It needs a particular mention of her compassionate nature which has been the cause why she achieved a lot of promotions throughout her stay in Edmonton Diagnostics.

I strongly recommend her as a genuinely talented young lady who is a ideal fit for the nursing job. I wish her best of Luck in future endeavors. In case of any question, please call or email me.



Sara Smith
Registered Nurse
Edmonton Diagnostics
(609) 333-9999
[Your Email Here]

End of: Nurse Recommendation Letter