Sample Resume Objectives for OJT

By | April 16, 2011

Following are some resume objectives for different OJT positions

1. Hardworking, displaced and skilled graduate looking for employment in any field where I may make use of my languishing skills in production and management with a sincere and devoted effort to support the company in meeting and exceeding their production goals.

2. To grab on-the-job-training position in your organization’s marketing division.

3. To obtain an OJT position allowing me to bring my knowledge of computer science into practice

4. To make use of my technical and management skills for achieving the objective and developing the top performance in the organization. I would like to put my innovative ideas into practice, skills and inspiration for achieving the projects.

5. To make use of my medical education, knowledge and ideas. I’m in search of an OJT opportunity to contribute in a medical imaging environment.

6. Looking for a management OJT position in which I can develop my expertise in human relations, staff recruitment and preservation and provides me sufficient opportunities to relate my skills, to grow and to add in the most effectual manner by being a key and a successful team player.

7. To obtain an on the job training position where I can make use of my experience in an office environment, my aptitude to adapt and learn rapidly, and my capability to work well with others.

8. To obtain a career opportunity in an organization where I can relate my diversified background acquaintance and skills.

9. A demanding OJT opportunity utilizing my accounting education, skills and knowledge to help the company’s success – one worksheet at a time.

10. Looking for an opportunity in a reputed business where I can match my skills and add in the most efficient manner. To be an asset and a successful individual to serve up and entertain different variety of customers in the most decent manner.

11. Looking for an OJT opening in a shining organization which will assist me deliver my best and improve my skills in HRM and meet the demands of the business.

12. A position in an association in which my understanding and skills will be extra developed to be globally spirited in the business and communications industry.