Professional Resume Templates 2012

By | April 16, 2011

This post will provide Professional Resume Templates for the year 2012. Firstly, we have to look at the professional norms of writing a resume.

As we know that a resume is a marketing tool. We use it to sell ourselves to a company. It shows our achievements, traits, strengths and conclusion of expertise. Keep in mind that a professional resume must not contain negative information or weaknesses. On the whole, the main purpose of the resume is to get an interview call from prospective employer.

What To Include In A Professional Resume of 2012:
1. Name, Home Address, Phone Number(s) and E-mail Address
2. Objective: At the same time as a resume objective is considered optional, if you know your exact objective and the qualifications for that objective, you can state it. For instance, Seeking a position of Public Relations Assistant in an advertising company
3. If you are uncertain of your objective, you might state your interest in your cover letter for the job that you are applying for
4. Education: Use this section to show your degree, Name of Institution, City and State, Major(s), Date of Graduation GPA if 3.0 or above, or use your major GPA if it is higher than your overall GPA (show scale ex. 3.1/4.0)
5. Experience: JobTitles, Organization Name, City and State, Responsibilities and Achievements, Dates. This section might also contain volunteer experiences, field experiences, co-op, internships, summer service and research.
6. Activities: Professional, Educational or managerial involvement and headship responsibilities assumed.
7. Computer Skills: List the software and/or hardware with which you are recognizable.

What Not To Include In A Professional Resume of 2012:
• Reference List: This must be on a separate sheet.
• Salary expectations: This will be talk about in a later interview or in a job offer setting. So don’t mention in your resume
• Unrelated personal information: Keep away from adding personal information in a professional resume for instance age, marital status, religion, national origin, social security number, health status.
• Do not include Photograph in your resume


Professional Resume Templates 2011

Take a look on these professional resume templates 2012 in order to make your own resume


Template 1

Template 2