Clinical Psychology Cover Letter Example

By | April 8, 2011

This Clinical Psychology Cover Letter Example spotlight on the applicant’s knowledge generating and incorporate technical and specialized data and skills to further emotional science, the professional practice of psychology, and human wellbeing. All clinical psychology cover letters must comprise reference to applicants’ training and practice to best display their qualifications for the preferred jobs.

Clinical Psychology Cover Letter Example

221 Example Road
Example Town, ON A9C 9W6

April 8, 2011

Dr. Arnold Davis
ABC Psychology Clinic
62207 Lawrence Street
Any Town, ON Canada

Dear Dr. Davis:

I was pleased to see your call on for a knowledgeable and licensed clinical psychologist. I would greet being selected for that position. I have been in this line of work for the past seven years producing and integrating methodical and professional acquaintance and skills to perk up the specialized practice of psychology and human wellbeing. It is a field I feel zealous about.

During my education and work experience, I have gained knowledge in supervising and participating in individual and group therapy sessions to expose the root causes of anxiety, psychological illness and other psychological disorders that are upsetting patients; interviewing patients, performing diagnostic testing, running therapy sessions, carry out psychotherapy sessions, scheming and implementing behavior modification programs. My detailed education and experience is given in my enclosed resume for your consideration.

I would like meet you personally to learn what you are seeking in the person you employ and what can I add to ABC psychology clinic. I’m obtainable to meet any afternoon after 12:00 p.m. Please call (609) 999-7777 to place a time that fits your calendar. I will contact you next week for follow up. Thank you for your time consideration.


John Smith

Enc: resume and recommendation letter