Email Cover Letter for Housekeeping

By | April 12, 2011

Following is a sample Email Cover Letter for Housekeeping job. Don’t forget to write this kind of cover letter in your email while sending a resume online for housekeeping.


Subject: Application for Housekeeping Attendant

Body of the Email:

May 12. 2011

Ms. Sara Johnson
11 Example Street,
London, ON S9F 6T9

Dear Ms. Johnson,

In response of your recent advertisement of housekeeping attendant, I want to apply for this position because my experience matches with your requirements. I am in search of a lasting job in the South District.

I am a knowledgeable Housekeeping and Cleaning lady. I always have a positive approach when it comes to family household tasks. More prominently, I am Hardworking, trustworthy, consistent and organized person.

During my extensive experience in housekeeping, I gained knowledge in vacuuming and emptying of trash bins, mop and polish surface floor, cleaning and disinfecting kitchen and toilets, worktable tops, cleaning windows, and washing inner of buildings and footpath. I am also able to do the laundry and carefully iron clothes. My enclosed resume gives the details of my knowledge and experience in housekeeping.

If you would like to think about me to be an element of your children, please give me a call on (609) 999-9999. In addition I will call you next Saturday for follow up.

Thank you for your time and consideration


Anna Smith

Resume attached herewith in MS Word Format (Anna-Resume.doc)


Hopefully this Email Cover Letter for Housekeeping will give you a basic idea to make your own cover letter for online application.