Route Driver Resume Cover Letter Sample

By | April 16, 2011

Following is a sample Route Driver Resume Cover Letter Sample. You have to edit and modify this cover letter as per your circumstances.

Sample Route Driver Resume Cover Letter

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Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last Name),

In response to your recent job advertisement for the position of Route Driver, I am pleased to present my resume for this post because requirements are closely parallel to my experience and qualifications. Along with a state driving license and familiarity with local routes, I am certain in my ability to turn out to be a central member of ABC Company.

In my five years of extensive experience as a route driver, I have gained the knowledge if almost all the routes of the New Jersey. I have also been worked in some of the major states of US like New York, California, Denver and I know all the routes of these cities as well. On the other hand, I am capable of taking the product or the passengers to any LOCATION of the US if required.

As An experienced route driver, I welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my driving skills and route acquaintance would be beneficial for ABC Company. I can be reached at (609) 999-4444 or [Email Address] so as to plan a meeting time that will best match your timetable. Moreover, I will contact you by phone next week for follow-up. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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