Sample Cover Letter for Swimming Instructor

By | April 15, 2011

This post will give you a very good Sample Cover Letter for Swimming Instructor. You have to edit this cover letter sample of swimming instructor before sending it to employer.

Overview of Position:
Swimming instructors guide and instruct groups and individuals in swimming programs. They are in employment by hotels, motels, sports and fitness clubs, government departments, private businesses outdoor centers, resorts, recreational facilities, health care facilities, correctional institutions, tourism associations and comparable establishments.

Alternate Job Titles of Swimming Instructor:
Following are some alternate job titles of Swimming Instructor and this cover letter might also be used for the following job titles
1. Fitness Instructor
2. Day Camp Leader
3. Gymnastics Teacher
4. Playground Worker
5. Lifeguard
6. Certified personal trainer
7. Riding Instructor
8. Personal Trainer
9. Camp Counsellor
10. Recreation Program Leader
11. Ski Instructor
12. Ski Patrol
13. Swimming Instructor – Sports
14. Aerobics Instructor

Duties and Responsibilities of a Swimming Instructor:
Before going to Sample Cover Letter for Swimming Instructor, we have to have a glimpse over the specific job duties of swimming instructor. Swimming instructors in recreation, sport and fitness perform some or all of the following duties:
•Plan and carry out leisure, swimming and sports activities
•Enforce swimming pool or beach safety rules and regulations
•Assist with harmonization of particular events
•Conduct healing leisure or athletic activities
•Monitor swimming to make safety sure and give emergency or first aid help when required
•Accumulate supplies and sports and swimming equipment
•Demonstrate and teach swimming activities and techniques
•Plan activities, maintain logs, preserve records and arrange reports
•Train and supervise junior staff
•Maintain and repair swimming equipment
•Attend to clients and swimmers with special needs
•Provide way of life consciousness information

Sample Cover Letter for Swimming Instructor

Sara David
99 Example Street
Edmonton, AB Q9E 6F9

April 15, 2011

Ms. Desiree Johnson
HR Manager
29 Sample Street
London, ON


Dear Ms. Johnson:
Your Swimming Instructor position demands the skills, abilities, and work ethic that I have developed as a Swimming Instructor in ABC Gym. An experienced swimming instructor with a post graduate diploma in physical education, I am eager to pull my experience and qualifications to contribute to your bottom line.

Based on my understanding of your position and your institute, here are the aspects of my background that seem most pertinent to meet your needs: teach individual students and small groups of students in marine and coast skills, together with but not limited to balanced, facilitating upper/lower limb responses and skull control; playgroup swimming; learn-to-swim; lifesaving; water safety. Put safety rules into effect. Struggle to prevent accidents, keep discipline. Oversee first aid in the occurrence of injury. Save persons in suffering or risk of drowning. Respond inquiries from the public on the subject of pool regulations and facilities. My enclosed resume shows all the details about my experience and qualifications.

As you are looking for a Swimming Instructor who can become accustomed and contribute to your different swimming sites, I hope you will consider my credentials. I can be contacted at (609) 999-7777 or [Your Email Here]. Thank you for your consideration.


Sara David

Enc. Resume

End of: Sample Cover Letter for Swimming Instructor