Post Interview Thank You Letter for Nurse

By | April 7, 2011

You must always write a thank you letter after a job interview of nurse position. It is the professional approach, and it makes you prominent from lots of other applicants, who might not write a thank you note after interview. Use these sample nurse interview thank you note as a guideline, but don’t just copy and paste them; write your individual letter based on your own interview and the type of job you are looking for.


Post Interview Thank You Letter for Nurse

277 Example Street
Oshawa, ON Z9X 9S9

April 7, 2011

Dr. John Smith
Hospital Administrator
ABC Hospital
6922 NW 77th Terrace
Toronto, ON D9F 9C6

Dear Dr. Smith:

It was great to have the occasion to speak with you regarding the nurse position with your hospital. I know how narrow a physician’s time can be, and your well-timed involvement in the interview procedure impressed me. After talking with you, I felt confident that we can build up a successful working relationship.

After reflecting on our conversation, I figured out that you are in search of more than a competent nurse; you try to find somebody with an outstanding aptitude to converse with patients. Holistic nursing skills are vital, and I can implement mine readily. I mean not to use only my honesty and devotion in this nursing position, but also my open communication and interpersonal skills to their fullest degree.

The scope of accountability for this position parallels my previous nursing experience. I devoted many hours to becoming capable in several areas, and my firmness was rapidly recognized. I would like to contribute to the similar experience while contributing to the achievement of your hospital.

If you make a decision that I must have a second interview with any of your partners, I will be obtainable at your convenience. Until then, I look forward to the likelihood of working with you. I thank you again for taking the time to interviewing me.


Karla A. Johnson
[Contact #] [Email Address]