A Good Resume Sample of Delivery Driver

By | April 11, 2011

While applying for a delivery driver job, a good resume along with a cover letter is always desirable. Refer to the following Resume Sample of Delivery Driver in order to make your own.

Overview of Position:
Delivery drivers’ drive automobiles, vans and light trucks to pick up and transport a variety of products. Along with driving, they are liable for maintaining and inspecting the automobile supplies for instance gas, water, oil, light, tires and brakes. From time to time they assist in loading and unloading truck, automobiles and van. This position needs capability to read maps and go behind the written instructions. They also perform emergency repairing for instance installing fuses, light bulbs, spark plugs, tire chain and changing tires. After delivering the consignments or luggage they take the receiving of delivery. They are in employment by cargo companies, dry cleaners, mobile caterers, dairies, drug stores, newspaper distributors, food establishments, courier and messenger service companies and a lot of other organizations; in rare cases they might be self-employed.

Example Titles of Delivery Drivers:
1. Pizza Delivery Driver
2. Newspaper Delivery Driver
3. Dry Cleaning Driver
4. Mail Service Courier
5. Canteen Driver
6. Courier Service Driver
7. Delivery Driver
8. Route Driver
9. Driver Salesperson
10. Vending Machine Driver-Supplier
11. Bread Deliverer

Resume Sample of Delivery Driver

John Smith
222 Example Street, Vaughan ON Canada
(666) 333-9999, [Email Address Here]


Objective: Seeking a demanding and fulfilling position of truck driver so as to utilize my driving skills for the growth of prospective employer.

• Work tremendously long days on time of bad weather or traffic congestion
• Good sense of liability to get the job done
• Ability to assume quick in complicated circumstances
• Have a quality to create and maintain a individual connection with company clients
• Able to assess the state of affairs and do the right thing every time out

• Outstanding communication skills
• Excellent driving skills in a range of conditions
• Familiarity of the local area and an excellent understanding of navigation and map reading skills
• Well-informed of traffic laws and standard practices of good manners on the road

Work Experience:
Delivery Driver | 2005 – 2010
Star Food Company Atlantic City, NJ
• Delivered almost 100 food items to 15 to 20 clients daily
• Done inspection of pre-post trip
• Picked up unfilled containers for warehouse sanitation
• Mounted up with State, Federal and Local regulations
• Maintained protection and examination of load
• Done duties consistent with company procedures and policies
• Obtained signatures of clients for the products that are delivered

Truck Driver | 1999 – 2005
ACC Trucking, Inc. Atlantic City NJ
• Worked for transportation the US Mail to hand out post offices
• Helped harbor loaders to load and unload the supplies everywhere
• Provided on time service
• Verified the unloading shipment to keep away from employee theft
• Done other duties as allocater

High School Diploma, Meyers Park, Charlotte


We expect that this Good Resume Sample of Delivery Driver will help you getting your desired job.

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