Sample Nanny and Housekeeping Resume

By | April 11, 2011

At the same time as preparing a nanny and housekeeping résumé, it is very important to highlight your specialized experience & training appropriate to child care profession in addition to housekeeping. Mention your responsibilities and plans undertaken to generate encouraging childcare environment. Below is a Sample Nanny and Housekeeping Resume that you can refer to.

Sample Resume of Nanny and Housekeeping

Anna L. Edwards
111 Example Street, London ON
(555) 666-9999, [Email Address]


Objective: Looking for a Nanny and Housekeeping position that will make use of my diverse set of skills to create a constructive environment for host kids.

• Possess efficient communication, multi tasking and time managing skills
• Knowledge of child needs and wants with strong interpersonal skills
• Three years of extensive experience in child care
• Ability to understand various needs of children such as food sleep and play
• Flexible, adaptable with high liveliness level
• Stress lenience, emotional maturity with sound judgment skills

Private Nanny | 2009 – Present
Mr. & Mrs. Lara Smith’s House, Toronto ON
•Accountable for washing and ironing the clothes of the children on daily basis
•Implements every day routines and helps in day by day activities
•Plans and oversee bed, relax and nap of the children
•Handles the everyday jobs of preparation of daily activities for the child
•Performs the tasks of organization play dates
•in charge for bringing the children to and from school
•Assigns the tasks of supporting the child in doing with homework
•Attends dealings and appointments that the child is requisite to attend
•In charge for reading books and stories of the child
•Wash and change diapers of the infant
•Organize meal and emphasize suitable discipline for the child
•Undertakes suitable educational activities of the child
•Assigns the everyday jobs of preparing feast and snacks for the children
•Undertakes creative and learning activities of the children
•Maintains appropriate cleanliness of the bedrooms and play areas of children

High School Diploma


Note: Don’t just copy this Sample Nanny and Housekeeping Resume as it is, but make some appropriate changes to make your own resume