Sample of a Nanny Resume to Canada and USA

By | April 8, 2011

Following is a very good Sample of a Nanny Resume to Canada and USA. This sample resume summarizes all the key duties and tasks of a nanny in household.

Overview of Nanny Position:
Nannies in Canada and USA give absolute care for the children in the employer’s residence and carry out all tasks that associate to the care of the children. They make a safe, fostering and motivating environment in which the children can bloom and build up. A nanny job in Canada or USA might comprise housework duties. At the same time as preparing a nanny resume for an employer of Canada or USA, it is very important to emphasize on your professional knowledge and training appropriate to child care line of work. Affirm your everyday jobs and initiatives undertaken to make constructive childcare situation.

Alternate Job Titles of Nanny:
Following are some alternate job titles for nanny position. This sample resume of nanny might also be used for the following 11 positions
1. Child-Care Provider – Private Home
2. Caregiver, Babysitting
3. Child Caregiver – Private Home
4. Children’s Nurse – Private Households
5. Live-In Caregiver
6. Mother’s Helper
7. Nursemaid – Private Households
8. Parent’s Helper
9. Sitter
10. Au Pair
11. Babysitter

Sample of a Nanny Resume to Canada and USA

[Nanny Name]
222 Example Street, Edmonton AB A9Q 6C8
(600) 999-9999, [Email Address Here]


Objective: On the lookout for a position of nanny in order to make the most of my diverse set of childcare skills and help parents to raise their children.

Over 05 years of experience working with primary school children.
Possess teaching certification to provide home schooling
Excellent written & oral communication skills
Fluent in English and Spanish
Exceptional child care skills with ability to work with children who have learning disabilities

Nanny | May 2008 – present
Rosario Ferraro, Richmond Hill, Ontario
• Undertake suitable enlightening activities with the children
• Carry out proper outside activities with the kids
• Plan and oversee rest, bed and nap times
• Plan something to eat for children
• Arrange meals and snacks for the children
• Bathe toddlers
• administer baths for older children
• Dress children suitable to the activity
• Wash and ironing clothes for kids
• take charge of children’s meals
• Clean and wash up after children’s meals
• strengthen suitable discipline for the children
• Implement every day routines

High School Diploma

Computer Skills:
• Home Schooling Software
• MS office
• Internet

Professional Affiliations:
Member of Canadian Association of Child Care Providers

First Aid Certification | 2007

Available on Request