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The Best Resume Sample of a Registered Nurse (RN)

Following is the best resume sample of a Registered Nurse. You have to edit and modify it in order to make your own resume Sara Smith 222 Example Street, Edmonton AB (666) 999-9999, [Email Address Here] ________________________________________________________________ Objective: Enthusiastic Registered Nurse with seven years of practical experience, now looking for a Pharmaceutical Sales position, which… Read More »

Sample Resumes For On-Campus Student Job

While writing Resumes For On-Campus Student job, the following format is suggested. Before you start writing your resume for on campus student employment, remember the following things: • In the Objective section of your resume, note if you have received work-study permit as part of your financial aid package; if not, state “Not entitled for… Read More »

Hotel Cleaner Resume Sample

A good hotel cleaner resume is always desirable to get a cleaning job in hotel. A hotel cleaner’s job requires being a good viewer. A hotel cleaner must be able to accomplish the cleaning expectations of hotel management and customers. Go through the Sample Resume of Hotel Cleaner given below. Modify it as per your… Read More »

Hotel Manager Resume Sample

Before you start writing a Good Resume of Hotel Manager, evaluate our hotel manager resume sample to obtain an idea of how to write your resume glowing. This resume pattern is a concise summary of yourself and your credentials, work knowledge and additional details about you. This resume pattern is designed to assist you edit… Read More »

Sample Resumes for a Management Graduate

Following are two very good sample resumes for a management graduate. The first sample of resume for recent management graduate has Master Degree in International Management and Bachelor of Arts. Skill set includes association, management, budgeting, French language, customer service, marketing and presentations. This resume highlights extra pertinent experience holding headship positions in the Student… Read More »